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General Physiotherapy

Physiotherapy attempts to address the illnesses, or injuries that limit a person's abilities to move and perform functional activities in their daily lives.

Physiotherapy can help with weakness, dizziness, numbness, pins and needles or any limitation due to injury, surgery, age or medical condition.

Consultation at Postura Physiotherapy Brisbane

It starts with an initial consultation, where our friendly physiotherapist will make questions to understand your injury or condition. We also will try to understand you daily life movements and exercises.

If you have done any X-Ray, MRI, etc... It will be great to bring to be reviewed these reports with you.

Then we will develop a treatment plan focus on your needs and start the treatment straight away during the initial assessment.

Our goals are giving you an immediate relieve for pain or improve any condition to put you back to your normal routine and lifestyle.

The treatment may incorporate lots of hands-on techniques such as GPR (Global Posture Reeducation), McKenzie and Mulligan combined with some exercises and stretches. Also we will provide a program exercises and stretches to do at home if it needed.


Normally the appointments are more frequently in the beginning of the treatment and becoming far between towards the end of your treatment plan as you regain movement, strength and balance 


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The combination of their physiotherapy and pilates background helps facilitate swift recovery from acute and chronic injuries such as Sport Physiotherapy in Brisbane.


All Physiotherapists at Postura Physiotherapy Red Hill have special interest areas and patients are scheduled into their list in accordance with this. Physiotherapists work Monday to Friday, including evenings and some early mornings.

Hicaps is available for instant access to private health claims at Postura Physiotherapy Red Hill.

Call us at 0416 056 773

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