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One on One at Postura



Postura Pilates Brisbane has One on One (private Pilates) or Two on One sessions that are designed specificly to reach your goals and requirements. Private Pilates at Postura is held by physiotherapists or highly training Pilates instructors. These sessions allow for greater progression and development and are a must for anyone requiring that individual attention.


What clients do we recommend private Pilates Sessions?


Private Pilates Qualified instructor Pulse Physiotherapy clinical


  • Injuries - Typically, long term injuries are best treated with a combination of Physiotherapy and One on One Pilates sessions. This allows for the Physiotherapist to closely assess you and devise a Rehabilitation Pilates programme.

  • Overweight - People wanting to lose weight – If you are overweight, a sensible, gentle exercise routine overseen by a professional instructor is an excellent idea to start doing some exercise and don't put some much pressure in your joints. Pilates exercise is perfect for this. Later, when you have developed some condition and strength, you will be in a better position to add more cardio exercise to your routine.

  • Out of shape/unfit - Out of shape/unfit people that need a gentle, caring, conditioning exercise program. If you haven’t exercised for some time, a group class may not be ideal. An individually tailored program can best suit your needs, to help avoid injuries and make sure that your return to exercise is a positive one.

  • Fast result/recover - Individuals that simply want fast results. If this is the case, private Pilates classes are certainly a fantastic option to reach your goals faster.

  • Privacy - Those who crave privacy. Some people simply feel too “peopled out” and prefer a private exercise environment with a special attention.




During those sessions you will have a mix of what Pilates can provide, Pilates Mat exercises with small equipments and also all the variaty of the Pilates Equipment using reformer, cadillac and chair.

To book or for further information please call us on 0416 056 773 or email

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