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Elbow Pain - Pulse Physiotherapy and Pilates

The pain in the elbow can be caused by a series of problems. One of the common causes in adults is tendinitis, an inflammation and injury to the tendons - soft tissues that attach the muscles to the bone. Once a treatment is address in early stage the recovery time is quicker.

People who play racket sports are more likely to injure the tendons by outside the elbow. This condition is known as tennis elbow. Golfers are more likely to injure the tendons of the inside of the elbow.

Other common causes of tendinitis in the elbow are gardening, baseball, use of a screwdriver, or excessive movements of the wrist and arm.

Young children often develop elbow pain when the child's arm is stretched for a long time by holding hands with their parents or nanny. The bones are removed from each other momentarily and a ligament slides between them, getting trapped when the bones try to return to the initial position. When this occurs, the child refuses to use the arm and cries a lot when trying to bend or stretch the elbow. This condition is also known as subluxation of the elbow (partial displacement).

Other common causes of elbow pain are:

  • Bursitis. Inflammation of a fluid-filled pouch under the skin

  • Arthritis

  • Elbow strains

  • Infection of the elbow

When look for a physiotherapy intervention?

  • You have prolonged tendonitis that does not improve with home care.

  • Pain comes from direct injury to the elbow

  • There is an obvious deformity

  • Not being able to use the elbow

  • You have a fever or swelling and redness in your elbow.

  • A child has pain in the elbow

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