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We are excited to introduce Yoga sessions at Postura with Kathryn Smith

Kathryn first discovered yoga in 2009 and believes the practice of yoga to be the perfect way to balance a fast-paced, frenetic life.  It is a great tool to still the mind, stretch the body, and allow greater ease to come home to yourself.   Kathryn became a qualified yoga teacher at the end of 2019, completing her training at the world-renowned Creature Yoga studio in Byron Bay.  Her classes are alignment focused, inspired and upbeat, and always include meditation and breathwork, to further still the mind.

Kathryn's practise on Tuesday and Thursday mornings is hatha vinyasa.  These can be gentle or dynamic, depending on your own ability and how far you want to push yourself. Come and join us from the 16th February 2021 for yoga in the downstairs studio.

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