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Group Pilates Classes at Postura

It is easy to get started at Postura Pilates! 

All you need to do is book in for a Initial Pilates Consultation with one of our experienced instructors and from there your Pilates options are endless!  We have mat group classes, equipment group classes and 1 x 1 (private) Pilates sessions available. So, depending upon your own individual requirements, we can cater your Pilates workout to exactly what you need. 


Initial Pilates Consultation

The Initial Consultation gives one-on-one time to new class members to assist in joining Pilates classes without feeling lost or confused. It also ensures that each client practices Pilates to the best of their ability, understanding all of the key principles and concepts. Throughout this assessment we will perform a postural analysis, assess any area of concern, teach the key principles of Pilates, teach both mat and equipment Pilates repertoire and provide you with some exercises for practice at home (if you desire). We will also discuss your personal health and fitness goals, ensuring we not only reach these goals, but exceed them.

You will be taken for one our knowledgeable and experienced Pilates instructor to a one-a-one session, they will assess your posture, muscle imbalance and movement pattern. They will also introduce you equipment and how to performance exercises with safety.

There are also a few basic Pilates exercises and position which you must aware of, we will be talking about things like, core, pelvic floor activation and relaxation, Pilates breathing technique and alignment, common mistakes and how the best way to avoid them.

From the outcomes of the initial consultation your instructor will give you advice what would be the best option for you to go and get the most benefits of your Pilates journey with us.

Some little things you need to know as well:

- What to wear - regular exercises gym clothes, it is safer to
choose more fitted clothing to avoid catching baggy items in
sliding equipment and for ease of postural assessment.

- A pair of socks and a towel, they are important for hygiene and
health, remember you will be sharing class with another,
although the equipment is cleaned every day you may feel
more comfortable if the previous client have used a towel.


Equipment Sessions 

A 60 minutes session using pilates equipment (reformers/cadillac/barrels/wunda chair) and matwork. Our sessions are suitable to everyone who is recovering from knee and back injuries, high level athletes, pregnant women and many others conditions.

Classes are limited to 5 parcipants where allow the instructor/physiotherapist assist you much closer and modify or adjust exercises to suit your particular needs.


Mat Sessions 

Our popular mat sessions combine both mat exercises with small equipment for an invigorating 60 minutes workout. We have an extensive array of classes listed on our class timetable, catering for clients of all levels. Our classes are instructed by highly trained professionals who provide individual feedback throughout the session and tailor the class to suit the needs of those attending.

Limited to 7 participants per session.


For details about time of our equipment and mat sessions,  refer to our class timetable listed here on our homepage.

Bookings are essential.


To book a Group Class Initial Consultation, please call our friendly reception staff on 0416 056 773 or email


If you are concerned about starting in a class environment or have an injury which requires rehabilitation please consider continuing one on one sessions with a physiotherapist.

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