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Why Pilates for Rehabilitation? - Pulse Physiotherapy and Pilates

Pilates is a physical exercise with stretching that uses body weight. Pilates improves breathing, decreases stress, develops awareness and body balance. It is re-education of the movements that proposes to work the whole body, bringing the muscular and mental stabilization.

The movements provide stretch and strength that may seem simple, but act in the body in an integrated and individualized way. Performing low-impact exercises with few repetitions yield effective results and thus the muscles and joints suffer impact, for those and other reasons Pilates in athletes or/and post-surgery rehabilitation is a great way.

Another reason why Pilates is suitable for rehabilitation is the fact that the method is not based on the amount of exercises, but rather to execute all movements with perfection, each one of them. Being slow and well executed promotes body balance and help eliminate and/or decrease the level of pain.

For those reasons Pilates has been incorporated for many Physiotherapist as one of their “tools” for rehabilitation.

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